Twinkle Toes, the youngest resident of Cat Creek House is 8 months old and working on all manner of important projects: crawling, waving bye bye and sleeping through the night.

Young Jedi is growing like a weed. He is 8 years old, but so big I sometimes forget that he is only 8, not 12. His preferred activities are drawing, whining, being bored, and bugging his sister. He’s been known to tell a few fart and poo jokes, too.

Miss Teen is 12. Sometimes she’s still 8, and sometimes she’s 16. Her preferred activities are reading and bugging her little brother, but she is also a budding artist and musician and very savvy.

Yours Truly. Matriarch.

Rupert the Renovator. Member of the Awesome Players Off-Road Motorcycle Club, part-time renovator extraordinaire, full-time wonderful husband, father and step-father. He likes spicy food, beer and motorcycles (possibly not in that order), and dreams of one day having a proper workshop in the basement and a heated garage for wrenching. (He also likes silly hats.)