Cat Creek Creations grew from a love of fabric, a tendency to hoard, and dismay at all the lovely, but shrunken or holey, wool sweaters I’d find in thrift stores.

I’ve been stock-piling old clothes for years, and now the time has come to put it all –bias tape and buttons, collars and cuffs– to good use. What better time than maternity leave to start creating little jewels from pre-loved goods?

We’re located in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The stream called Cat Creek runs through our backyard. It reminds me that we’re connected to our neighbours. In the spring, the carp swim in it. The kids play in it. The dogs drink it and cool themselves off in it.

From our backyard to yours; from my torn, stained, unfashionable stash to you: something lovingly hand-crafted and repurposed.

You can find us on etsy!