Yesterday, we put most of the finishing touches on Young Jedi’s room.

There are still a few bits of trim to go on just as soon as we get our hot little hands on a coping saw. After that, there’s the door. and the door trim, but after 3 years in a room with no walls, what’s a missing door?

The room was finished enough that we could move Young Jedi (back) into his room! Yay!

(The kids refused to let me take normal pictures of the room. They kept jumping into the frame…)

(The room looks really small with us in it.)

(Young Jedi slept in his room last night and today I moved his desk in. I wanted to get his toys etc in and organized, but Twinkle Toes was having Napping Issues today. And just in case y’all are wondering, it’s not because I don’t want my kid to have to do some of the work of moving in and setting up. I want to do it alone due to the “disappearing” of items that has to happen while he’s not around. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean. Right? I’m not the only one, am I?)